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The simple way to attend events: Outsource your plus one 

Summertime means fantastic parties, rooftop events and an endless flow of rosé. Pure bliss. For professional networkers, this is the time to shine. Arriving alone to an event, meeting new people, mix and mingle is the extroverted type’s idea of paradise.  For some people though, getting that prestigious invitation to a great event means the clock […]

Bring a Model: Exclusive Service

Making the Unattainable, Attainable Here at Club Deliquent, we stand out from the rest by offering highly professional fashion and runway models for exclusive outings and events. Here is the lowdown of our unique service offering: Bring a Model What is it? We have all been there: You have an important event to attend but you […]

Where the Supers Summer

Club Deliquent’s Supermodel Travel Guide As if you needed another reason to travel to gorgeous destinations with great restaurants, hotels and services, we just found you another few… Mykonos, Greece Who? Izabel Goulart, the gorgeous Brazilian Victoria Secret model with one of the best bodies in the industry. What? Mykonos is an island in the […]

Roses are Red… Guide To Picking The Perfect Flowers

We learned a thing or two from florist turned model, Morgan Cox, on what the kinds of flowers you should get for your special one.   Related Post: Club Deliquent Exclusive: Morgan Cox   According to Morgan, flowers are not dead and guys should not be fooled, even modern women loves the romantic gesture of a nice bouquet! […]

Club Deliquent Exclusive: Morgan Cox

Get To Know: Morgan Cox Meet this week’s exclusive model feature, the blonde bombshell from Virginia, Morgan Cox. Morgan is a very experienced model who actually started out working as a florist. Now a full time model, she appears on many commercial shoots as well as runways including New York Fashion Week. Related post: Roses are […]

Was Picasso on to Something?

We have all heard about mindfulness and its many benefits to wellbeing, but have you ever thought about painting as a mindfulness tool? We spoke to Jessica Seeley, the model and artist about why it is time for all of us to pick up that paintbrush and start creating. Related Post: Club Deliquent Exclusive: Jessica Seeley […]

Club Deliquent Exclusive: Jessica Seeley

Get To Know: Jessica Seeley Let us introduce you to Jessica Seeley, the Tampa based beauty with an artistic side who loves modeling for the creativity of it. Working together with other creative minds and collaboration is what I do it for. I love being around other creative people” What people always get wrong about […]

Real Men Lift Women, Not Weights!

We spoke to Melody Nehls the stunning dancer, model and Club Deliquent’s latest recruit on why all men should know how to dance! Here is her take on why dancing lessons for men is now obligatory. Related: Club Deliquent Exclusive – Melody Nehls Real men lift women, not weights! 1. It’s attractive of course! Dance is as old […]

Get Shopping The 5 Shades of Summer

The 5 coolest sunglasses to be sporting in St Tropez We are all about making lasting impressions. Having a gorgeous model by your side goes a long way, but keeping it classy when it comes to accessorizing should not be underestimated. Here are the 5 coolest sunglasses helping you to look effortlessly stylish this summer. 1. The Clip-Ons […]

Club Deliquent Exclusive: Melody Nehls

Get To Know: Melody Nehls Melody is a professional dancer, model and best of all, Club Deliquent’s latest recruit.  I have done a lot of crazy things to get the perfect shot. One of my most recent shoots required my photographer, makeup artist, and myself to drive 2.5 hours into the middle of the desert. […]