Club Deliquent Exclusive: Jessica Seeley

Get To Know: Jessica Seeley

Let us introduce you to Jessica Seeley, the Tampa based beauty with an artistic side who loves modeling for the creativity of it.

Working together with other creative minds and collaboration is what I do it for. I love being around other creative people”

What people always get wrong about modeling is that it is always super glamorous she says. “I had a shoot once on a beach, it was January and cold for being Tampa, the sand got everywhere, water was crashing, but of course I had to pretend everything was great for the camera!”

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In terms of shoots, Jessica prefers artistic ones with moody, dark and mysterious themes. “You can become someone else. Another person in another situation”. Also a keen painter, she likes to use the same themes in her art.

And did we mention Jessica's ritual to keep herself hydrated before a shoot? Coconut water! She always brings a coconut water to her modeling gigs to keep hydrated and focused, “it helps me push through my shoots without breaks and keeps everyone in the flow” she explains. She also likes listening to music during her shoots to get in the right mood and portray the right feeling into the photos.

“If we are doing something moody and artistic, I put that type of music on as it helps me to get into the right mindset”.

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