Club Deliquent Exclusive: Morgan Cox

Get To Know: Morgan Cox

Meet this week’s exclusive model feature, the blonde bombshell from Virginia, Morgan Cox.

Morgan is a very experienced model who actually started out working as a florist. Now a full time model, she appears on many commercial shoots as well as runways including New York Fashion Week.

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Morgan says she prefers editorial shoots as they tend to be the most artistic. However, commercial shoots are much more common. “Especially handbag shoots. I keep getting them all the time!” she says.

Morgan absolutely loves modeling but it doesn’t come without challenges. “During a really cold October day with a temperate below 30F, I had an outdoor photoshoot session for summer wear. After they got the picture of every new outfit - they would wrap me up and give me hot tea immediately as it was so cold!”

She says working as a model full time, really makes it easier to get into character as she has the time to get into the right mood before a job. Before each shoot, she always analyses the clothing and the concept. Once she visualizes a persona, she gets into the character and it makes it easier to take those million dollar pics.

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As a model I am granted the unique opportunity to make an artist's vision come true. Designers create art. Hair and makeup artists create art. Photographers capture art. I am the canvas to make the art come alive."

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