Get To Know: Melody Nehls

Melody is a professional dancer, model and best of all, Club Deliquent's latest recruit. 

I have done a lot of crazy things to get the perfect shot. One of my most recent shoots required my photographer, makeup artist, and myself to drive 2.5 hours into the middle of the desert. Not only did we get lost but the makeup artist and myself were both dealing with bad colds. Since it was February the temperature was only 50 degrees out and I had to wear nothing but a very light dress. We got some amazing shots despite the odds.

Meet Melody Nehls, the gorgeous professional dancer and model based in LA. Melody started taking dancing lessons already at age 3, and decided at 13 that she would become a professional ballet dancer and put all her efforts into pursuing that dream. Her hard work paid off and today she performs as a contemporary ballet dancer as a professional model.

“Modeling is actually a fairly new venture for me and I was introduced into the industry because of dance. When I was living in Florida, working with a dance company there, I became very close friends with one of the company’s male dancers, Lorenzo, who also happened to be model. One day he asked me if I would like to do a ballet-inspired shoot for a photographer friend of his and I agreed."

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Melody’s first shoot was a success and other photographers began reaching out to her.

“At first I had a lot of reservations of actually pursuing modeling as a career because of how ruthless the industry is. Dancing professionally is already intense and stressful enough”.

However, with Lorenzo’s guidance and development Melody fell in love with modeling as an art form. Many parallels can be drawn between the two worlds she says. Both are focused on aesthetics, conveying intent, and connecting with the audience or viewer. Melody takes her modeling seriously:

“In the same way that I will stretch and warmup before a dance performance, I will create a mood board before each shoot from which I will draw inspiration for my mood, look, and posing. You never want to go into a shoot unprepared. Always do your homework!”

In addition to dancing and modeling, Melody keep active in her spare time. She works as a fitness instructor teaching Yoga and Pilates and try to hit the gym regularly as well.

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