We spoke to Melody Nehls the stunning dancer, model and Club Deliquent’s latest recruit on why all men should know how to dance! Here is her take on why dancing lessons for men is now obligatory.

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Real men lift women, not weights!

1. It’s attractive of course! Dance is as old as language and music. It’s a primal indicator of how you are physically.

2. It’s an intense workout. Dance involves your whole body and is great for both aerobic and anaerobic stamina. Also real men lift women, not weights!

3. It’s a sign of confidence. With the stigma in America surrounding males who dance, any time I meet a guy who takes or took dance lessons I automatically assume that they are confident and comfortable with themselves. It’s often an indicator they aren’t considered with stereotypes and other people’s opinions.

4. It’s about being cultured. Like playing an instrument, painting, or poetry, dancing is an art form and is beneficial in becoming a well-rounded individual. Art is about expressing ones self. You might discover a new passion or forte.

That being said, it's time to get your groove on!

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