Roses are Red… Guide To Picking The Perfect Flowers

We learned a thing or two from florist turned model, Morgan Cox, on what the kinds of flowers you should get for your special one.
According to Morgan, flowers are not dead and guys should not be fooled, even modern women loves the romantic gesture of a nice bouquet! “Even something as simple as a single rose could make my day!”
Here are Morgan’s best tips of picking the perfect flowers:
1. First of all, know the type of flower for the occasion.
2. Think about what color she usually wears, this will indicate her favorite color and it should guide your flower purchase.
3. Is your date a sweet person, pick daisies.
4. Is your date more classy, roses always work.
5. Does she wear a lot of jewelry and sparkles, this will indicate she likes her bouquet to also have something like that.
6. If you really want to impress your date, give her something unique: lilies with fern leaves, a mixed bouquet or wildflowers, experiment!

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