Bring a Model: Exclusive Service

Making the Unattainable, Attainable

Here at Club Deliquent, we stand out from the rest by offering highly professional fashion and runway models for exclusive outings and events. Here is the lowdown of our unique service offering: Bring a Model

What is it?

We have all been there: You have an important event to attend but you are not sure who to take with you as your partner. Bring A Model is a great feature when you want to make a lasting impression and is the service we recommend to our private clients. Our models have long-standing careers in the industry and you are guaranteed to make an outstanding impression.

Usually, our clients prefer to bring the model of choice to an exclusive event, gallery openings, social nights, festivals, red carpet events and many more.

Just take a minute and picture this: You arriving at your event with a drop dead gorgeous model by your side. You can’t put a price on that feeling.

How does it work?

Club Deliquent’s edge is the quality we provide. We only work with professional, high-end models with a successful career behind them. All of them have appeared on runways, glossy magazines and adverts and best of all, we are now making them accessible to you.

To explain how the service works, let us paint you a picture.

You are looking sharp, ready to go. The party starts in half-hour when your doorbell buzzes. Your Club Deliquent Model arrives to give you time to meet her and get to know her a little before you head to the party. With a professional model by your side when you mix and mingle, you will be sure to make a lasting impression...

Or how about this?

For once you are really looking forward to go to that flashy networking business event, for once you have a gorgeous plus one, arranged via a simple online booking system. You can almost not believe how easy and smooth that was! Can’t wait to see the look of people’s faces when you and your Club Deliquent model walks in…

We have a seamless online booking system designed to make a simple and exclusive process. You can select the model you prefer from our online portfolio gallery or let us choose the perfect model for you.

Do you want to bring a model to your next event?

Of course you do.

More about Club Deliquent:

We serve private clients as well as event organizers and yacht companies with the utmost professionally, quality and discretion. With the aim of being your personal modeling agency, Club Deliquent is unique in its offering combining professional models with a seamless online booking system and an international reach creating more memorable events around the world.