Summertime means fantastic parties, rooftop events and an endless flow of rosé. Pure bliss. For professional networkers, this is the time to shine. Arriving alone to an event, meeting new people, mix and mingle is the extroverted type’s idea of paradise. 

For some people though, getting that prestigious invitation to a great event means the clock is ticking to find a perfect someone to bring. With a 70+ hour workweek, engagements with friends and squeezing in time to get to the gym, no wonder little time is left find a suitable plus one. 

Have you ever thought about outsourcing your plus one? 

There is a new way of securing a plus one to events at the click of a button (purely professional and completely designed to enhance your impression). We recently launched the service allowing you to Bring a Model’  to events and parties after recognizing a gap in the market. People are missing out on great events because they don’t have time to find a plus one and are not comfortable going alone.


Sorry ladies, Bring a Model is only available for men right now but this might change soon as the service has been very popular so far. 

Our models go through a rigorous application process before being accepted into the top of the line model portfolio which features for example the former Miss Poland, Miss Slovenia and other seasoned runway and fashion models. We are simply making professional models accessible. Read more about our services here. 

Want a model as your plus one?

We thought you might. Make your bookings >>>